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The following table lists the commonly available instance fields available for import/export to and from Outlook contacts. Note that the field name must exactly match what is shown for automatic mapping to work correctly. Import/Export files can be in either comma or tab delimited format using ASCII (msdos) or ANSI (windows) character sets. Except where noted, most fields are varable length character fields.

Outlook Contact Fields
Instance Field Description
Title Contacts Title eg. Mr./Mrs./Dr./Ms./Miss/Prof.
First Name Contact's Given Name
Middle Name Contact's Middle Name
Last Name Contact's Surname
Suffix Contact's Suffix eg. Sr./Jr./I/II/III
Company Contact's Company Affiliation
Department Contact's Departmental Affiliation
Business Street Business Address First Line
Business Street 2 Business Address Second Line
Business Street 3 Business Address Third Line
Business City Business Address City
Business State Business Address State
Business Postal Code Business Address Zipcode
Business Country/Region Business Addresss Country Designator
Home Street Home Address First Line
Home Street 2 Home Address Second Line
Home Street 3 Home Address Third Line
Home City Home Address City
Home State Home Address State
Home Postal Code Home Address Zipcode
Home Country/Region Home Addresss Country Designator
Other Street Other Address First Line
Other Street 2 Other Address Second Line
Other Street 3 Other Address Third Line
Other City Other Address City
Other State Other Address State
Other Postal Code Other Address Zipcode
Other Country/Region Other Addresss Country Designator
Assistant's Phone Assistant's Telephone Number
Business Fax Business Facsimile Number
Business Phone Business Primary Telephone Number
Business Phone 2 Business Secondary Telephone Number
Callback Callback Telephone Number
Car Phone Car Telephone Number eg.. "Onstar" etc..
Company Main Phone Business Main Telephone Number
Home Fax Home Facsimile Number
Home Phone Home Primary Telephone Number
Home Phone 2 Home Secondary Telephone Number
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network Number
Mobile Phone Cell Phone Telephone Number
Other Fax Facsimile Number associated with "other address"
Other Phone Telephone Number assocated with "other address"
Pager Pager Number
Primary Phone Designated Primary Telephone Number
Radio Phone Radio Telephone Number
TTY/TDD Phone Telephone Number for Assisted Equipment or local Relay
Telex Telex Number
Account Contact's Account Number
Anniversary Anniversary (Hire) Date
Assistant's Name  
Billing Information Typically shipping/credit terms
Birthday "January 1, 2009"
Business Address PO Box Business Address Post Office Box Number
Directory Server URL of LDAP server
E-mail Address Email Address
E-mail Type Email Type eg. EX, SMTP
E-mail Display Name Email Display Name
E-mail 2 Address Email Address
E-mail 2 Type Email Type eg. EX, SMTP
E-mail 2 Display Name Email Display Name
E-mail 3 Address Email Address
E-mail 3 Type Email Type eg. EX, SMTP
E-mail 3 Display Name Email Display Name
Gender Male, Female, Unspecified
Government ID Number SSAN
Home Address PO Box Home Address Post Office Box Number
Initials Contact's initials
Internet Free Busy URL of user's Free/Busy server
Keywords Word list
Language Language Code
Location Location Symbol
Manager's Name  
Notes Any text
Office Location  
Organization ID Number Typically Office Symbol
Other Address PO Box Other Address Post Office Box Number
Referred By  
Sensitivity Typically "Normal"
User 1 Any Text
User 2 Any Text
User 3 Any Text
User 4 Any Text
Web Page URL to personal web page